The professional tactics table for team sports

Tabula1 provides high quality, specially designed, tactical tables to clubs and coaches in various sports that enable:


Increased tactical learning and understanding

  • The table can be used in a horizontal position and is designed with accurate dimensions (1: 100) in order to engage the players and their curiosity and to build ownership of their learning.

Greater reach and connection

  • The table is highly portable and can be easily taken out for training and matches, where the coach can immediately transfer spoken instructions to visible, interactive actions.

Raising the strategic and operational levels

  • Clarifies Style of Play, training methodology and planning.
  • Useful in different situations – player/player, coach/player, coach/coach.

Development of the environment and the desired culture

  • Serves as both a formal and informal gathering point.
  • Provides an opportunity to develop and evaluate your own methods.

We developed Tabula1 based on proven research, with a perspective on optimal learning, and with a desire to give players and coaches the best possible conditions.

I use Tabula1 especially on the pitch. Partly to get away from the locked and formal framework in a normal tactical space, but especially because the distance from theoretical learning to execution is minimal, and the transferability is thus increased.

Our coaches love the functionality, the ability to involve players in small groups and use the table primarily in connection with matches, where it has a central place in the locker room.

Tabula1 is useful in individual conversations, group sessions and sparring with the other coaches, as the table invites to dialog and involvement.


4995,- DKR

671,- EUR

(ex. vat)

It is possible to get a sponsor logo on the sides, and we can generally customize your table to suit your club.

Other acquisitions and products are in the pipeline.